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Y. Revaz


It is often assumed that a warped galaxy can be modeled by a set of rings. This paper verifies numerically the validity of this assumption by the study of periodic orbits populating a heavy self-gravitating warped disk. The phase space structure of a warped model reveals that the circular periodic orbits of a flat disk are transformed in quasi annular periodic orbits which conserve their stability. This lets us also explore the problem of the persistence of a large outer warp. In particular, the consistency of its orbits with the density distribution is checked as a function of the pattern speed. kinematics and dynamics of galaxies - warped galaxies - periodic orbits

Periodic orbits in warped disks

Y. Revaz - D. Pfenniger

Geneva Observatory, University of Geneva, CH-1290 Sauverny, Switzerland

Received 22 November 2000/ Accepted 9 April 2001